The SEAFARE project (Sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture in the Atlantic Region of Europe “) is an example of working together R & D institutions with aquaculture companies and agencies dedicated to environmental conservation. This project is located in the European Atlantic region and aims to promote aquaculture as a basis for the regeneration of coastal wetlands, by implementing sustainable production methods that support diversified natural sensitivity of coastal ecosystems.

Thus, aquaculture can become a more important actor in the regional socio-economic development, particularly in areas where there is a limitation to the creation of alternative sources of employment or increased competition for space and water resources . Working together in partnership, between research and development, production companies and public agencies, ensures proper capitalization of the project results and is a guarantee for the proper interconnection.

Production methods developed in Veta La Palma noted for their contribution to the protection and enhancement of the natural environment by implementing eco-efficient technologies and environmental friendly requirements. Currently working lines being developed in the R + D + i are focused on the study of the utilization of natural resources of the property as a base supporting a production model, rather than consuming natural resources, generated by applying a management model based on careful water management.

In this sense, the high value fish species grown in Veta La Palma base their power, largely in the rich community of aquatic organisms that develops naturally in the water of the property. On this basis, it is necessary to conduct a thorough study on the involvement of each of the components of the natural food web the final quality of crop products, through the study of food pathway from the base of the network (the microalgae) to final consumers (carnivorous fish farming). The SEAFARE is the proper framework for the development of this research.

PIMSA is involved in the SEAFARE project as one of the nine companies associated with 5 Research & Development Centers highly regarded in Europe: Ifremer – The Tremblade, Laboratoire de Génétique et Pathologie IFREMER (France); (SAMS) Scottish Association for Marine Science, Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory, Oban, Argyll, (Scotland, UK); (UCC) University College Cork, Aquaculture Development Centre, Environment Research Institute, Cork (Ireland); (UWB) University of Wales, Bangor, Centre for Applied Marine Sciences, Menai Bridge, Anglesey (UK) (IFAPA) Research and Training Centre for Aquaculture and Fisheries The Toruño, Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz (Spain).