Veta la Palma has an area of 1000 hectares, located in the northern part of the property, in which the original marsh biotope is preserved, with rich natural grassland areas in marsh succulents. The natural diet of cattle on the farm is based on the utilization of the marsh grasses, especially combined with grasses and legumes almajo shoots of salt (Salicornia europaea).

Use of this marsh plant, rich in calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, sodium, amino acids, and vitamins A and C, meatis printed with organoleptic characteristics that make it unique, plus a higher nutritional value and highly recommended (for example, a lower cholesterol content compared with other meats).

Ranching is responsible for maintaining habitat characteristics unique to this area of marsh grassland, which favors feeding a large population of wintering greylag goose, as well as significant quantities of species of steppe birds like curlew or sandgrouse.