Livestock was the first economic activity developed in Veta la Palma. The characteristics of the farm and therefore by extension its uniqueness and variety of grazing facilitated livestock. It becomes predominating a cattle farm.

There is now a herd of cattle crossing mestizo that form retintas cows with limousine bulls and cows limousine with Charolais bulls. This is a commercial crossing for consumption of meat. This cross is the most common food distribution, has the particularity Veta la Palma and benefits that give extensive breeding. Cattle graze freely exercising and obtaining high quality meat and high market acceptance.

Veta la Palma to be immersed in the marshes of the Guadalquivir and facing the Coto Donana, has a pretty extreme weather during the year so it is important that the young are made to the peculiarities of the land: the salt grass and water consume.

In recent years, the Veta la Palma has carried out a selection process thereby obtaining one indigenous livestock that develops very favorably in this habitat and meat produces exceptional.

The covering of the cows is by the release of stallions in the months from January to June to ensure that deliveries take place in the period from September to March being the most suitable seasonality for both mothers and pups.

Currently livestock Veta la Palma has 500 head of dairy cows.