Sole is a flatfish of great commercial value, popular in the estuary and in the marshes of the Guadalquivir River. The high quality of the water culture ponds Veta La Palma, with high primary productivity, has a positive effect on the survival rate and health status of the sole.

So far, there is no significant production of sole in Spain, due to their low survival rate in culture conditions. Invesolea’s project aims to investigate the technical feasibility of developing new sources of raw materials and new strategies for food of this species, which increase their productive parameters and achieve greater effectiveness in the prevention of diseases, which are the main cause mortality during the fattening of this species in aquaculture. The project begins with the fertilized egg incubation, and continues with the phases of pre-fattening and fattening later under conditions of extensive and semi-extensive operating in Veta La Palma.

This project has a duration of three years and is developed in collaboration with the Research Center IFAPA “The Toruño”. His execution raises the option to explore the possibilities of using various natural resources present in Veta la Palma water system, in food and enhancing the natural defense system of the sole. Stars, therefore, as another of the different lines developed at present on the farm, and whose ultimate goal is to increase the added value of those aquaculture products.

In addition, upon completion of the project will have a greater scientific understanding of nutrition and physiology of the technical feasibility of the possible complete elimination of the use of fishmeal in the formulation of compound diets for sole.